Battery Safety

Dynexus Technology has set a high priority on battery safety in today's technological landscape. Dynexus' patented Inline Rapid Impedence Spectroscopy, also know as iRIS™, provides breakthrough health metrics in near real time. In turn, this platform can be used to monitor and assess future health hazards for lithium-ion batteries. 


Battery Health

At Dynexus Technology, we place a priority on assessing and improving battery health. The iRIS™ platform can be used to both predict battery age and extend the battery life in a secondary market. This results in a dramatic increase in the performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries found in heavy-use products such as electric vehicles.

Battery Sustainability

Dynexus Technology is helping to create a more sustainable world by changing the current battery landscape. While lithium-ion batteries are less toxic than lead, they can still cause problems to the environment if handled improperly. The iRIS™ platform can be used to assess harmful levels of toxicity and thereby address any threats before they become major problems. The platform can also be used to improve the resiliency of lithium-ion batteries, increasing the lifespan and in turn reducing the needed amount of battery disposal. 

Green sustainable energy stored in lithium-ion battery banks